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Unsorted [/writers]
James Patrick Kelly - Murder Your Darlings - "When time comes to make that final revision, however, you must harden your heart, sharpen the ax and murder your darlings."
Greda Vaso - Determining the Readability of a Book - includes formulas for Gunning's Fog Index, Flesch Formula, Powers Sumner Kearl
L. Kip Wheeler - Literary Terms and Definitions
L. Kip Wheeler - Comp - Lit - Poetry - Links - more

Style - Grammar - Errors in English [/writers]
American Heritage - Book of English Usage - free download
Band-Aid AP Stylebook
Paul Brians - Common Errors in English
CJ Cherryh - Writerisms and other Sins
The Chicago Manual of Style FAQ
Gary N. Curtis - The Fallacy Files - Logical fallacies and bad arguments
Prof. Charles Darling [RIP] - Guide to Grammar and Writing
The Economist (UK) - Style Guide
John Eshleman - Logical Fallacies
H.W. Fowler - The King’s English (2nd ed - 1908)
Jennifer Frost - English Grammar: Grammar lessons, exercises, and rules for everyday use
IUPUI - Style & Writing Guides
Gary B. Larson - Garbl's Writing Resources
Jack Lynch - Guide to Grammar and Style
Jack Lynch - Getting an A on an English Paper
LEO - Concise one page guide to verb tenses
Heather MacFadyen (U of Ottawa) - Using Verb Tenses
Mary Baldwin College - Citation and Style Manuals
Ted Montgomery - Ted's Punctuation Guide
George Orwell - "Politics and the English Language" ©1946 -- a classic
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
Purdue - Online Writing Lab
Robert Radford - How to write footnotes, endnotes, electronic references and bibliographies in a proper format
RPI - One-pager on "revising prose"
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (peer-reviewed academic resource) - Logical Paradoxes
Jane Straus - Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
William Strunk, Jr - Elements of Style (1918)
The Guardian and Observer - Style Guide
Karla Tonella - Guide to Citation Style Guides
University of Delaware - Writing Center - Rules for Commas, Semi-colons, and Colons [PDF]
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - Writers' Workshop: writer resources
UNC at Chapel Hill - Writing tips, essays and more
University of Ottawa - Writing Centre - HyperGrammar - electronic grammar course
University of Victoria - Writers' Guide - Index
UWisconsin-Madison Writing Center - Writer's Handbook
UWisconsin-Madison Writing Center - Grammar and Punctuation
Tim van Gelder - Critical Thinking on the Web: a directory of quality online resources
Maggie Walter - The Five-minute Stylebook - [PDF] "10 percent of the rules cover 90 percent of style questions"
Webgrammar - Webgrammar's Writing area - loads of links

Copy Editing [/writers]
American Copy Editors Society - Words commonly confused
American Copy Editors Society - job postings
Copyediting-L - Archives (restricted to list subscribers)
Electric Editors - resources for editors
Journalist's Toolbox - Links and more for Copy Editors
Terry McGarry - A Writer's Guide to Understanding the Copyeditor
Merriam-Webster - Proofreaders' Marks
Prentice Hall - Proofreading Marks
Bill Walsh - The Slot

Dictionaries [/writers] - English Dictionary - With Multi-Lingual Search - Download one-click quick reference tool (was GuruNet; was Atomica)
The Cambridge Dictionaries - search all five or a subset
Century Dictionary Online - 100+ yrs old. Need DjVu plug-in : 500K defns
The Free Dictionary - much more than just a dictionary
Grandiloquent Dictionary - ~2700 obscure words
Merriam Webster online - dictionary and thesaurus
OneLook dictionaries
1913 + 1828 Webster's Rev'd Unabrg'd Dictionary - ~110K entries
Wordsmyth: Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus
WordWeb - online. Available as well as a free tool: thesaurus and dictionary for Windows - slews of dictionaries & resources, incl. Roget's Thesaurus
TalkTalk Reference Dictionaries: difficult words
Hutchinson Dictionary of English Usage
Robert Todd Carroll - Skeptic's Dictionary
Google's Glossary tool
More dictionary links -- strange fun, strange dictionaries.
Alpha Dictionary Search 1065 Online English Dictionaries at Once! and more
Webopedia - covers computer and Internet technology
One Look's Reverse Dictionary - enter description and retrieve word or information

Language Dictionaries

A plethora of language-to-language dictionaries
Another (smaller) plethora: includes Latin, Swahili, Swedish
British to American Translator and reverse - American-British/British-American Dictionary
yourDictionary - Grammar and Language Courses - over 100 languages
Malcom MacFarlane - The School Gaelic Dictionary (Scottish-)Gaelic-English
Terry Gliedt - UK English for the American Novice
Mike Etherington - The Very Best of British: the American's guide to speaking British
David Stybr - Australian English Glossary from A to Zed
Australian National Dictionary Centre - Australian Words
NZ English to US English Dictionary


GonMad - Cumbrian Slang Dictionary
Australian Slang
Rap Dictionary (wiki)
Chris Rae - The Septic's Companion: a British slang dictionary with audio pronunciations
Urban Dictionary

Indexing [/writers]
Society of Indexers - FAQs
American Society for Indexing
American Society for Indexing - About Indexing
ASI - Indexing Evaluation Checklist
ASI - Online discussion groups
Subscribe to Index-L
Index-L Archives
Index style & format decisions
Indexing and Abstracting Society of Canada - Resources

Quotations [/writers]

Word Stuff [/writers]
alt.usage.english FAQ
American Dialect Society
ADS-L archives
The Linguist List
Douglas Harper - Online Etymology Dictionary
CBC - Words: Woe and Wonder
Barbara Wallraff - Word Police
Dr. Mardy Grothe - Chiasmus,Oxymoronica, Repartee, Metaphor
Subscribe to Dr. Mardy's Quotes of the Week
Melanie & Mike Crowley - Take Our Word For It - etymology
Michael Quinion - World Wide Words - fr a British vwpt
Subscribe to World Wide Words Weekly newsletter
David Wilton - Word & Phrase Origins
John Bartlett - Familiar Quotations (10th ed - 1919)
EC Brewer - Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (1898)
Thomas Bulfinch - Bulfinch's Mythology: The Age of Fable or Beauties of Mythology
Jon Carroll - Red, White And Mondegreen
Jon Carroll - more Mondegreen columns
Collective Terms for Animals
Fredd Culbertson - The Phobia List - Word of the Day - daily e-mail/archives
C Ellis - Antagonyms - a single word that has meanings that contradict each other
S. Morgan Friedman - Cliché Finder
Anu Garg - A.Word.A.Day - daily e-mail/archives
Anu Garg - Internet Anagram Server
Gender Neutral Pronoun FAQ
John and Muriel Higgins - A Language Museum
John and Muriel Higgins - Homographs
Richard Lederer - Verbivore
Jim Lingerfelt and Roger Kershaw - Word Traps & other tips
Paul McFedries - WordSpy
The Phrase Finder - Meanings and Origins of Phrases
Jeff Miller - A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia
Chuck Moreland - A Word A Day And [much] More
Evan Morris - The Word Detective
Rhyme Zone - Rhymes, Synonyms, Definitions, and more
The Vocabula Review
Ambigram News
Ambigram-matic - ambigram generator
LSSU - Issues latest List of Banished Words - archives include lists back to 1976
Kelly Smith - GovSpeak: A Guide to Government Abbreviations & Acronyms
Doug Beeferman - Lexical FreeNet - connected thesaurus
ThinkMap - Visual Thesaurus
S. Morgan Friedman - Word Counter - exclude "small" words, group roots &c.
Alan Cooper - Homophones - over seven hundred sets of words pronounced alike but different in meaning or spelling
Tracy Rotton - The Homonym/Homophone Page
Samuel Stoddard - Fun With Words
Daniel Austin -
Julian Burnside - Wordwatching
Ruth Pettis - Word Safari
Ruth Pettis - Megalist of Word Links

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